A simple flashlight with a minimalist design



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Taschenlampe lets you easily and comfortably use the flash on your smartphone’s back camera as a flashlight.

This app has a minimalist style and offers exactly what it promises: to give you a flashlight using your smartphone when you need it most. The way it works is as simple as its design. Just click on the flashlight icon to turn it on and click a second time to turn it off.

Having a flashlight on you can be really useful in tons of different situations, but having to carry one around can be difficult and sometimes impossible. If you prefer not to bother with a physical flashlight, then here’s an easy solution for you: just include one in your smartphone. The next time you drop your keys and can’t find them, or the electricity goes out in your house, don’t panic! Just click the app and the light will shine.

Taschenlampe is a super basic app that everyone should have as it could be really useful in your day-to-day life.
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